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Quilty Neighbors (Free Pattern)

Hello friends and welcome back for another round of Quilt Block Mania! This month our theme is "neighborhood" and my block is called "Mid Modern Home".

Mid Modern Home is a foundation paper pieced pattern and so much fun to make!

I'll explain the block assembly process here but if you need more information about paper piecing please read here.

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Let's begin.

  • Print out the accompanying document containing the foundation papers, coloring page, and cutting chart for the Mid Modern Home block.

Mid Modern Home Printable For Blog
Download PDF • 373KB
  • Choose five fabrics to represent the following areas: house, windows, door, roof, and background. My block is sewn with Kona Cottons in Corn Yellow (house), Saffron (door), Jungle (roof), and Pickle (background) plus a little bit of grey from my scrap bin for the windows.

  • Cut your fabrics according to the printed chart.

  • Assemble the foundation paper sections. Please note there is no foundation paper template for "C" as noted on the cutting chart.

  • Sew units D and E together to form DE

  • Sew units F and G together to form FG

  • Sew units A and B together to form AB

  • Sew DE to FG

  • Sew DEFG to AB

  • Sew C to the bottom of ABDEFG

  • Share your block on social media and tag me @blueheronquiting

I hope you enjoy making a Mid Modern Home block...or several! I am always available if you have any questions.

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