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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I prepare my quilt for longarming?


The very best way to make sure your quilt turns out great is to iron it really well from the front.  Next, if there are many seams along the perimeter of your quilt ​if is good to do a stay stitch all the way around at about 1/8".   If your quilt has borders then a stay stitch isn't necessary.  Make sure your batting and backing are squared up and 8 inches longer and wider than your quilt top.  

  • What is the difference between "Edge-To-Edge" quilting and "Custom" Quilting?


Edge-To-Edge (E2E) is a constant design that goes from one edge of the quilt to the other and from top to bottom.  Custom quilting when the quilting design changes throughout the quilt.  I offer primarily E2E quilting services and take custom quilting projects on a very limited basis.

  • I want to include a pieced quilt back, is that OK?


I love a pieced quilt back!  Here are some tips that may help to limit any problems with a pieced back.  First, make sure all your seams are as straight and square as possible.  Next, it's best if the backing does not have a "centered" design, particularly if it's a large quilt.  I cannot guarantee exact centering on projects with a dimension over 50".  Finally, make sure you understand that the backing will be trimmed after quilting so any piecing along the perimeter of the backing will get lost.  ​

  • I love soft, squishy fabrics like polar fleece and minky, can I use it as a quilt backing?


I am happy to quilt a project with fleece or minky backing.  In this case I'll need an extra 10 inches of length and width for the backing.  If your fleece or minky backing has any seams they must be horizontal (from left to right) relative to the top of the quilt.  ​

  • How long does it take to longarm a quilt?


Depending on the size of the quilt, it takes about an hour to load the quilt and between 4 and 8 hours to do E2E quilting.  ​

  • How do you choose a longarm quilting motif/design?


Longarm design should accent, not detract from, the piecing work.  Longarm quilting should mingle nicely with the genre of the quilt piecing work.  Customer quilts always start with a conversation about preference.  

  • How do you choose longarm quilting thread color?


I choose the best thread that coordinates with the fabric in the quilt piecing.  Quilting design and thread color should accent, not detract from, the beautiful piecing work! ​  I have many solid colors of thread on hand as well as several variegated multi-color options.

  • Is there an extra charge for thread?


I do not charge extra for thread or bobbins.  Please note if you choose a variegated thread then I use a solid coordinating thread on the back of the quilt.  

  • Is it possible to put a different color thread on the back of the quilt?


Generally, no.  The thread on the back of the quilt must be very close in color and value to the thread used on the top of the quilt.  

  • What about batting?  How do I choose which one would work best with my quilt?


There are so many different varieties of batting to choose from!  Here are some things to consider when deciding which batting to choose:  size, composition, desired effect, and use for the quilt.  I stock Hobbs 100% natural/unbleached cotton or Hobbs 80/20 batting in 90-inch width.  One of those two batting options work in the majority of quilts that are intended for everyday use including regular laundering.  Exceptions are king-sized quilts that need a wider coverage, show quilts that may need something with a higher loft or a double layer of batting, or winter quilts that may be warmer with a wool batting.  Ultimately, batting choice is a personal preference. 

  • Will you bind my quilt for me?


I do offer machine binding as an add-on service for quilts that I've longarmed.  I can prepare and attach the binding to one side of the quilt for $.10 per linear inch and both sides for $.20 per linear inch.  I do not offer hand binding.

  • I want to make my first quilt, where should I start?


I have long daydreams about opening an online quilting classroom but I don't yet have time in my schedule to embark on such a project.  My first recommendation is to join your local quilt guild.  There you will find a generally lovely conglomerate of people who have amassed hundreds of years of quilting experience and are thrilled to share their expertise with you.  My second recommendation is to go on YouTube.  There are so many fantastic quilters who are sharing their knowledge.  Here are a few of my favorites:  Missouri Star Quilt Company, Angela Walters, and Karen Brown of Just Get It Done Quilts.  ​

  • I never want to make a quilt, will you make one for me?


I do provide custom quilt services on a very limited basis.  T-Shirt quilts start at $12 per shirt panel with a 25 panel minimum.  Other custom projects start at $.12 per square inch with a $300 minimum.  Please reach out to me so we can discuss your project.  

  • Do you repair or make changes to old quilts?​​


No, I do not repair old quilts.  I suggest checking with your local quilt guild or social media group to find someone who will help with a quilt repair or revision.  ​

  • My quilt is a gift, can you finish it fast?


If you need your quilt faster than my current turnaround time I charge a $40 rush fee.  I generally do not accept any quilts for Christmas gifts  after October 31.  My schedule may allow some exceptions so please reach out and ask.  

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