Meet Your Quilter:  Althea Gyde, CCO (Chief Creative Officer) at Blue Heron Quilting

I have been creative my whole life. I remember as a child sitting next to my grandma on the couch creating alongside her. I always had a miniature version going for whatever she was working on from counted cross stitch to pretty punch to panty hose and burlap potato sacks. I also remember helping her layout my quilt for my pre-teen bedroom set. As we were crawling around on the floor getting all the pink and purple squares set into the right pattern she promised to teach me to quilt one day. Sadly, we never got to our quilting lessons as she was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after finishing that quilt for me.  But that didn't stop me from pursuing my creativity and desire to quilt even after she was gone 


I purchased my first sewing machine in my early twenties and began to sew custom window treatments for my home, costumes for my kids to wear at Halloween, and other various decor items and gifts.  


I circled back to quilting a few years ago while I was in graduate school. I needed a creative outlet and I had always wanted to be just like my grandma...crawling around a quilt layout until it was just right. I turned to the internet and almost immediately my passion was ignited. I started curating fabrics, cutting shapes, and piecing quilts.  By the time I had finished my Masters Degree in Science Education I had finished several bed-sized quilts, baby quilts, and a few quilted art pieces, one of which traveled to Bath, England for the International Baccalaureate Educators Conference.  


Quilting is a permanent artistic expression of my life's passions about nature, science, family, friends, teaching, and learning.  I am at my best when I'm creating. Quilting helps me to unearth my deepest passions and serve my creative community in the best possible way. I consider myself a lifelong teacher and learner and am eager to continue my journey in quilting as the founder of Blue Heron Quilting and a partner with Jill Therriault at Herons in Heels.  You can learn more about our adventures as Herons In Heels on the Teaching and Learning page. 


I create, preferably with fabric and sewing machine, every day!  When I'm not quilting you will find me spending time, generally outside, with my family and friends.  I love to swim, bike, run, triathlon, yoga, paddleboard, hike, ski, and snowshoe!  I find both dark chocolate and street tacos irresistible!

Meet Darth:  A Gammill Statler Stitcher with 14-foot table

After years of research, I am proud to have a Gammill Statler Stitcher in my studio.  Gammill makes the best longarm quilting machine on the market.  Because we will be spending many hours together, I've named my Gammill Statler Stitcher "Darth". 

Darth comes with many fabulous features including perfect, computerized stitches and a 14-foot table to handle your largest quilting needs.  

At Blue Heron Quilting, Darth and I can help you get your quilting projects finished in a timely and professional manner.  Please visit our Longarm Quilting Services Page to see which of our quilting options are best for you.