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As of March 2024 my turn-around time is:
5 weeks!

New Prices Effective January 15, 2024


Edge-to-Edge quilting is $0.023 per square inch. 

Combination quilting (separate border work) is $0.035 per square inch

Custom quilting (quilt, borders, sashing, etc. are all separate) starts at $0.046 per square inch


To calculate the cost of longarming use the following equation:

length of quilt (in whole inches) x width of quilt (in whole inches) x .023 for edge-to-edge


For a throw-sized example quilt that measures 60" by 60" 


60 x 60 x .023 = $82.80 (not including tax, batting, or additional services)

Please note there is a $40 minimum for all longarm projects.


If you are local, please text me to set up a time to bring your project in.  We can look at quilting motifs and thread colors together in my studio.  


I do offer batting (Hobbs Heirloom in either 100% natural unbleached cotton or 80/20 blend), 96-inches wide, for $12 per yard.  I also stock Hobbs Hierloom 80/20 blend, 120-inches wide, for $16 per yard.

I am happy to prepare binding with your fabric and attach to one side (with machine) for $.10 per linear inch or both sides (with machine) for $.20 per linear inch.


If your quilt has a fleece or minky backing then the backing must measure 10 inches longer and wider than the quilt top AND all seams must run horizontal respective to the quilt top.  This allows me 5 inches all the way around your quilt top.  


If you need your quilt faster than my quoted turnaround time there is a $40 fee for a rush job.


All quilts should be pressed/ironed well from the front.  Backing and batting must be squared up and measure 8 inches longer and wider than the quilt top (4 inches all the way around).  All additional preparation such as squaring up, enlarging backing, ironing, etc. is done at $40 per hour.      

If you are outside of Central Washington or want to ship your quilt to me for longarming then please complete the following form.  Once I receive your information, I will send you an email or text with several quilting motif and thread options for you to choose from based on your specified preferences. When we have finalized everything, you will ship your quilt to me.  When your quilt is finished, I will send you an invoice for services plus return shipping.  I will ship your quilt once payment is processed. 

Please note that all orders over $100 receive FREE RETURN SHIPPING

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