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Quilt Block Mania 2021: January "Love Notes" Block (Free FPP Pattern)

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Hello and happy 2021 to you! I'm Althea Gyde and when I'm not longarm quilting or designing patterns you can find me managing a home zoo of teenagers (four of them) and pets (two greyhounds and an African Grey Parrot plus several reptiles). In my former life I was a middle and high school science teacher. I am currently splitting time every week between our two homes in Wenatchee, Washington (where everything is closed) and Wallace, Idaho (where my kids can do competitive sports). There is a lot of highway time in my life and that allows for lots of creative daydreaming about quilt design.

I am so grateful to Carolina Moore for organizing Quilt Block Mania. I really appreciate opportunities to flex my design muscles, bring my highway daydreams to life, and practice my pattern writing skills. I also love to offer something to you, my readers and friends in quilting, as a token for stopping by my corner of the internet. Besides, what is better than a free pattern?

There many other quilt pattern designers participating in Quilt Block Mania this month. I will link everyone at the end of this post. Do check out the other designs! I will be choosing several other block patterns to complete my Valentine's Day "Romance" sampler quilt. Later this month I will post a sampler quilt layout suggestion so be sure to subscribe while you are here so you won't miss it!

The Quilt Block Mania theme for January is "Romance" and the color palette is here.

I visited my local fabric store and procured this stack for my palette:

I designed a block called "Love Notes".

My block uses foundation paper piecing (FPP) technique and comes together beautifully. I will briefly outline the block assembly below. Here is the pattern download for you to print out and follow along:

Love Notes Quilt Block Download
Download PDF • 444KB

Foundation Paper Piecing knowledge/experience is required. For a complete tutorial on Foundation Paper Piecing (plus a free pattern) please visit:

Love Notes Block

Please read all instructions before you begin (printable coloring sheet included).


  • FABRIC, five colors:

    • pale mint green (background) 4.5 inches x WOF

    • pale butter yellow (envelope accent and hearts background) 2 inches x WOF or scraps

    • light pink (hearts) 2 inches x WOF or scraps

    • medium pink (envelope front and back) 4 inches x WOF

    • dark pink (lips and hearts) 2 inches x WOF or scraps

  • FPP Supplies: cutting ruler, rotary cutter, stiletto (optional), seam ripper, small thread scissors, add-a-quarter-inch ruler (optional), wood iron (optional) or regular iron, straight pin, sewing machine in good working order, thread, and an ironing surface.

  • Printed FPP templates: you will need one copy of each page to make one block. Print at 100% so your pieces will be the correct size.


Prepare background strips

A - Cut 1 ½ by WOF, sub cut into 6 @ 1 ½” x 5”

B - Cut 1 ½ by WOF, sub cut into 3 @ 1 ½” x 12 ½”

Assemble the four small hearts

Dark Pink: A2, B2

Lite Pink: A2, B2

Lite Yellow: A1, A3, A4, B1, B3, B4

Assemble the envelope back

Dark Pink: A3, B3, C2, D2

Medium Pink: A2, A4, B2, B4, C1, D1

Lite Yellow: A1, B1

Assemble the envelope front

Medium Pink: A5, A7, B1, B3, B4, B5, C5, D1

Lite Yellow: A6, B2

Dark Pink: C2

Lite Pink: A2

Pale Mint Green: A1, A3, A4, C1, C3, C4

Assemble the block - all seams are ¼”

Remove all papers

Sew the heart units together

Sew 2 wide rows together

Top Row: A, envelope, A, hearts, A

Bottom Row: A, hearts, A, envelope, A

Sew 5 rows together

If you need longarm quilting services, I provide a 15% discount on any orders that contain at least one of my pattern designs.

Share your finished block on social media using #quiltblockmania and #bhqlovenotes

I am always available for questions or feedback:

E-mail: altheagyde@blueheronquilting

Instagram: @blueheronquilting

Facebook: Althea Gyde or Blue Heron Quilting

TikTok: @thegydezoo

Here is the list of all the designers:

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