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Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning is best with friends!   
With this in mind, Althea Gyde of Blue Heron Quilting and Jill Therriault of Stitching In Heels come together to teach, learn, and inspire.


Together, they are Herons In Heels!
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Herons In Heels Classes and Lectures


Class - Starlit Crossroads Quilt


Starlit Crossroads is a beginner quiltmaker's dream! 


This simple nine patch block is easy to construct with its rail fences and improvisational star points.  The color possibilities are endless in this happy and cheerful quilt. 

Skill Level:  Beginner to Intermediate


  • Fabric Placement Analysis

  • Accurate Cutting and Piecing

  • Improvisational Piecing

  • Chain Piecing for Blocks and Quilt Body


Class - Spring's Glorious Pathway Quilt

Spring's Glorious Pathway bridges precision piecing technique with traditional lattice and cornerston setting.

Quiltmakers in this class will explore the fundamentals of my SEW, TRIM, PRESS foundation paper piecing technique used to construct the diamond star block in this pattern.

Skill Level:  Intermediate to Advanced


  • Fabric Preparation

  • STP Method (Sew, Trim, Press)

  • Precision Cutting and Piecing

  • Chain Piecing for Blocks and Quilt Body


Class - Beyond The Code Quilt Pattern:  Grateful Comfort

Grateful Comfort is a traditional hexagonal log cabin block pattern that results in an heirloom quilt you will treasure for years to come,  Y-seam construction of the delicate piecing will highlight the secondary pineapple pattern.

Skill Level:  Advanced


  • Color/Value Analysis to Achieve Secondary Pineapple Pattern

  • Hexagonal Rotary Cutting and Trimming

  • Accurate Traditional Log Cabin Piecing

  • Accurate Block Trimming

  • Y-Seam Construction Techniques


Class -The Adventure Quilt

The Adventure Quilt sews up quickly and looks striking in many different colorways.  The multi-directional arrows sewn together using my easy CPS (Cut, Piece, Square) method are reminders that adventures are everywhere around us!  Piece together your Adventure Quilt then take (or send) it along on many wonderful adventures from picnics in the park to airplane rides overseas.  The Adventure Quilt will remind you to get out and explore and keep you warm and comfy while you are there!

Skill Level:  Beginner to Intermediate


  • Fabric Layout Analysis

  • Accurate Cutting and Piecing

  • CPS Method for Precise Triangles

  • Chain Piecing for Blocks and Quilt Body

  • Adventure List Planning - Where Will Your Quilt Go?

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