The Adventure Quilt PDF Download

The Adventure Quilt PDF Download


Plans for the Adventure Quilt started on a hike with my friend Jill.


I met Jill at my first meeting for our local quilt guild.  We were new to town and I was looking for my people. Jill and I became fast quilt guild friends...then hiking friends, knitting friends, skiing friends, sewing room friends (which is sanctuary for those of us who stitch the time away)...and then we became business partners. We are currently in heavy discussion about our plans for a quilting empire.


Sometimes, when building an empire, it's important to take breaks. Moments of respite are necessary to clear our creative minds. One of our recent outings was a particularly vigorous hike to an alpine lake. As we were hiking we began to daydream about a movement.


What if we designed a quilt pattern that could be sewn up and given to people who like to go on big adventures?


What if the quilt could be photographed while on such adventures and then shared on social media?


We need our own hashtag!


We need a pattern!


Once we returned, tired and sore, from our hike I got to work designing a pattern for a quilt meant to go on an adventure!


This sweet, vibrant, and fat-quarter-friendly quilt can be sewn up quickly and is the perfect size (54 x 54) for going on an adventure. Lay it on the ground to have a picnic or use it to keep you warm while you fly away and visit a new place!  Take it hiking or camping or skydiving or bicycling! Ride a horse or a motorcycle!


Each pattern comes with a list of suggested adventures.  However, I recommend making your own, customized adventure list for you or whomever is lucky enough to receive a gift of an Adventure Quilt.  Maybe your adventures include shopping or whitewater rafting or passing the bar exam.


In any case, we hope you will join our community of adventurers on Instagram using #bhqadventurequilt so we can see what you create...and where you take it along!