Longarm Quilting Deposit

Longarm Quilting Deposit


Blue Heron Quilting will finish your quilt using computerized edge-to-edge stitching on our Gammill Statler Stitcher!


This is a deposit for longarm quilting services.  Once you check out, your quilt will be placed in the que for quilting services.   In the meantime, pack up your quilt top, quilt backing, and quilt batting (or we can provide it for you) and ship to:


Blue Heron Quilting

105 S. Elliott Ave.

Wenatchee, WA 98801


To be sure your quilt is ready for the longarm quilting process, please make sure your batting and backing are at least 8 inches longer and 8 inches wider than your quilt top.  For example, and 80 x 90 quilt top must have 88 x 98 in batting and backing.  


When I am getting ready to work on your quilt, I will email you with several quilt motif and thread color options for you to choose. 


  • Edge-to-edge quilting is $.02 per square inch.  
  • Combination quilting (edge-to-edge with some custom work) is $.03 per square inch.
  • Custom quilting begins at $.04 per square inch.


If you need any of the following items or services, I will add them to your invoice:


  • pieced backing services (first seam free, additional seams are $10.00 each)
  • batting (either 100% cotton or 80/20) @ $10.00 per yard
  • machine binding services (stitched to one or both sides @ $.10 or $.20 per linear inch)


When your quilt is finished, I will send you an invoice for the remaining amount due, plus shipping.  When the invoice is paid I will return your finished quilt to you!


Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have questions.  I am so happy to help you throughout the process of getting your quilt finished!

  • Blue Heron Quilting Longarm Policies

    All longarm quilting at Blue Heron Quilting is done on a state-of-the-art Gammill machine with Statler computer system included.  Because of the technologically-advanced computer system, the Gammill machine produces exquisite results!  

    However, we (you the quilter and me the longarmer) are human and sometimes things don’t turn out exactly the way we want them to.  Sometimes, incoming quilt tops aren’t square. Sometimes, incoming quilt top borders don’t lay flat.  

    Please know that I will do everything in my power to make sure that your quilt comes back to you having met our high standard of longarm service.  I will treat each and every customer quilt as I would want my own beloved quilts to be treated.  

    If I need to change anything about your quilt top (to square it up, adjust the borders, or similar additional preparations for quilting) I will let you know in advance and your work order (including total price and delivery date) may change.  The other option is to return your quilt top to you for revision before longarming.

    Your quilting will be done exactly as we’ve discussed and outlined (quilting motif, thread color, etc.) in our discussions.  

    Please ensure your backing and batting is 8 inches longer and wider than your quilt top.

    Blue Heron Quilting is not responsible in the event of an unforeseen disaster such as fire, weather (hurricane, tornado, blizzard), theft, alien invasion, or similar.